About Me

A gal who is a beginner at writing blogs.

This website was born out of my need to share and release my thoughts about a variety of things. I created this blog to practice my writing and develop another passion for jotting down my experiences in this platform.

I may write things from work, relationships, though-process, travel, and hardships. Please bear with my unorganized thoughts and writing. I do free-write quite often when it comes to penning my blogs. I don’t proofread but I may start doing it soon. Please have mercy on me!

Other than my new found hobby of writing down my random thoughts in this domain; things that I am passionate about–travel, beaches, coffee, foodie, concerts, books, furthering my education, meeting new people, and searching for my happiness.

I recently started a tumblr account to share my random short posts that are, sort of, inappropriate to posts on here in my blog page. So, I have a tumblr to post(s) things like you would do in facebook, snapchat, and instagram.

Tumblr link is here. Come share your tumblr account if you have one, share comments and tumblr posts to me as well!

Let’s venture to the world full of uncertainties.