Writing has a strange notion to me.

To be honest, I started doing this blog to help with my mental health. It’s easier to write my thoughts on a blank page than to tell someone about my problems. I find it fascinating that it actually helps lower my stress and lessen the intensity of my problems. Not that my problem goes away after writing! But its easier to handle them with fresh outlook on them after jotting down my feelings and thoughts about it.

No one that I know of can judge my writing just random person here and there who happen to find my page by accident and read through my novice writings.

I hate writing. I’m more of a reader and a listener. Never a speaker. I’m quite shy and I love to listen and learn all kinds of things either from a book or from a person.

English is my third language and I have grown tired learning all things about English and its proper usage. I seemed to like learning new languages. Like for example right now, I’m learning French and Korean with a side track of Spanish, but I can never master any of them. I’m a passionate learner of language but never a master of any. I feel like after learning a new language, it exhaust me mentally and then eventually, I say, “enough is enough and that’s it,” off I go and do or learn something else. Hence, I am never a master of anything.

You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.

-Conrad Hall

I am good in all other things like science and math, but never English while I was in school. Maybe, while I do this blog on a daily basis I’ll learn how to organize my thoughts, use proper punctuations and all the other good writing requirements.

I will write to please myself for now. No one’s opinion can change that. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, mine just happens to be writing. Such a terrible thing to be bad at especially with this new age of technology. Everything is online. You have the auto-correct and grammar corrector. However, that does not replace my lack of writing skills. I have to be able to write properly to get my thoughts crossed properly to the intended audience.

Maybe, I’ll be closer to being a master at this with enough patience and new skills to learn here and there to help with my writing skills.

Can you help me?