New York, I love you.

New York, you were memorable. One pinned down for the memories to tell to my future children and grand-children.

I will come back again this April when the weather is better. It was definitely a one of a kind of a city in the U.S. I left a piece of my heart in that city.

I am thankful for the experience, for the love that I received from New York, and for the memories that I had made with my love. It was worth every penny. I feel super blessed.

I left the city just before the polar vortex hit the city terribly. What a luck! I did not packed for extreme weather conditions…below zero degree. I’m glad I missed it big time or else I would have spend so much money on shopping for thicker sets of wardrobe, lodging and food. I would also have to miss my work and had to use my PTO unexpectedly. I’m glad I left before it landed on NYC. Now, I’m all warm and comfortable in Texas.

I thank God for sending those little message that I had to go back to Texas due to work…I came back home because of work, but I could have stayed a day longer in NYC because I was off this past Monday, however, I chose to come back on Sunday with my boyfriend to give ourselves the time to relax before going back to work. It was the best decision ever!

I know most of the time, God plan things to be put in your life unexpectedly. Sometime you have to struggle and survive those challenges and learn your lesson(s). I am thankful that God did not put this kind of challenge onto my life. If I would have gotten stuck in NYC, I don’t know for how long, I would have been really poor coming back to Texas. I would have used all my savings to stay afloat in that city. New York is definitely not a cheap place to visit, definitely not the city for me to live. I can’t afford the thousands of money that will be spent on the apartment cost alone.

What do we know about polar vortex? I had to research about this since I am lacking in knowledge. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it is a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding the Earth’s North and South poles. During winter the polar vortex become less stable and expand, sending cold Arctic air southward over the United States with jet stream.

For all the people in New York, I hope all of you stay safe, stay warm and keep each other company through this hard time. This too shall pass.

The last couple of days of my stay in New York was full of fun, experience, and memories to keep on my memory lane.

Traveling has always been my passion. Being a responsible adult is never easy, especially with my wanderlust person. Being stuck in one city for a long time without traveling is like a torture, being imprisoned by my responsibilities. Traveling energizes my “work mode” to survive another busy day at work.

I have always been that person, daydreaming of all the places I could be traveling; making memories and experience new life, people and culture.

I had wished thousand of times to be able to travel and get paid, but then again, everyone wishes this too. Who wouldn’t want to travel and get paid without worrying about bills and being stuck in one place!? I am definitely not that talented, good-looking, and sexy enough to get attentions from my viewers, enough to get a company to fund my travels. Haha. One can only wish. God has plans for all of us; the travel life was not meant for me.

I had to work, and save money for traveling like most of us do! I have no problem with this so when I actually travel, I make sure that I make it worth every penny that I worked hard for.

I make it a mission to see as many things as I could in a city where I’m traveling at–to visit like I’m a local resident, make memories and take hundreds of pictures!

During this trip, I took over 500 pictures! Mostly, pictures of tall buildings in different streets, food, coffee and several pictures of my boyfriend and I. Due to the amount of pictures that I have had taken, I had to compressed several pictures onto 3 different collage to highlight my trip. Each picture represent a location in New York City that you may or may not know. 

My three and a half day of stay in New York City, I can say that I’ve seen plenty of places that, that sort of, compose this city (main district.) I wanted to make me mini-trip as memorable as it could be and so I did.

First picture collage starting from top picture, left to right, and to the bottom.

  1. The far right building on the first picture is the Freedom Tower, but it is officially known by its legal name One World Trade Center. If you are American or visiting the U.S.A. This is one of the landmark that we all must check in remembrance of all the casualties of 9/11.

From the clear blue morning sky to the smell of fire and the sound of sirens, New Yorkers witnessed firsthand the events of that day. Even now, they can recall the moments of tragedy and the acts of heroism that tested, and ultimately strengthened this city.

2. The Rockefeller Center. I have always dreamed of visiting NYC during Christmas time, but it never happened. It is one of the landmarks that I know this city by and always has been. The one time that I visited this city was a month had passed since the holidays. Maybe, sometime this year again I’ll visit NYC during Christmas and maybe, I’ll get to see the huge Christmas Tree that I have always dreamed of seeing for years!

3. The walk from Chinatown to the Wall Street. The sunshine was a sight to see and a warm welcome to our walk in that 21F with 16mph wind kind-of-a-day. I love feeling the sunshine on my skin, the glow, give me life and energy to continue on our journey to explore this massive city, full of wonders. We stayed on streets where we get a lot of sunshine because if you stray away from it and walked towards the path of shadows, best believe you will feel like you were walking on a cold, icy path…feeling of death. Almost!

4. The Oculus: The new World Trade Center Transportation Hub. The “Way of Light. This spot was so cool! You can see people traveling from one station to the next, shopping from store to store and tourists taking pictures, also, trying to make memories like me. Such a fun spot to stop by.

5. The Charging Bull. It has become the symbol of Wall Street and Financial District and one of the most popular tourist attractions in NYC. “The charging bull represents the courage and can-do spirit of Americans and New Yorkers in particular…Arturo Di Modica installed the bull as an antidote to the cause of the 1987 Wall Street crash: privilege, greed, and excess. He believed the statue’s representation of resilience and courage was a model of integrity.”

6.Is the St. Patrick’s Cathedral located a couple blocks from the Rockefeller Center. Across from this church is a high-end shopping center where you buy all your heart desires. Beware of your spending though!

7. The Grand Central Terminal. Came to this place right after my dinner date on my last night in NYC. It was a cold, winter night to be in my short dress. Nevertheless, I had so much fun exploring this subway station!

8. The Paparazzi Dogman & Paparazzi Rabbitwoman by Gillie and Marc. #SpottedOnSixth. My boyfriend and I were casually exploring every little streets in NYC when we chance upon this sculptures. I saw other tourist strike poses around these two statues. I wanted to take as many pictures of this city so why not with these two? I waited in line to get my chance to take a picture..and boom! I did a thing with the statues.

9. Federal Hall statue of George Washington! I had to strike a pose next to it but then, everyone looked at me and I became really shy…I changed my mind. This is where the “birthplace of American government” occurred.

1. The crossing at Columbus Avenue that faces the Central Park! I think that’s where it was as I’m trying to back track my trip at this jungle called New York. I crossed this street to walk towards Black Press Coffee. As you already know, I need my coffee. Everyday. Several times a day. I swear, I’ll end up with another ulcer from drinking too many coffee. I love this coffee shop. The interior is sleek and modern. The wall is covered with formula and sketches of how each a siphon is built and the ingredient to a perfect cup of coffee. It’s a must visit if you’re a coffee connoisseur like I just before you head to the Central Park on a cold, cold day.

2. The Conservatory Pond. The pond was frozen from the cold weather. ‘Twas a pretty day though. A cool spot walking distance to Madison Ave and the Alice in Wonderland statue.

3. The Dakota. This landmark is famous as the home of former Beatle John Lennon from 1973 to his death outside of the building in 1980. Of course, I didn’t know about this until my boyfriend told me about it as I’ve noticed several tourists taking pictures with the building in the background…for a reason!

4. This was the view from Bar 54 overlooking Time Square Center. Good spot to see the skyline without spending a lot of money for the view. To take pictures till your heart contents. P.S. drinks were actually really expensive…I came for the view, experience and pictures. I suppose, it was worth it? But that $30 something for a drink… flabbergasted

5. If you have watched John Wick, this fountain might have looked familiar to you? Ha, this was featured at the end of the movie of John Wick…no more spoilers until you watch it if you haven’t done so. This is the Bethesda Fountain which is located in Central Park, which overlook ‘The Lake.’ While I was here, I took sappy pictures with my boyfriend in remembrance of our trip. It was too cute. I loved it. ❤

6. After leaving the Central Park, my boyfriend and I started heading northwest? To go to this famous burger place called J.G. Melon. The crossroad of Madison Ave.

7. This was taken past the Strawberry Field in Central Park. There was an event called Winter Jam. Parents and children came to join the festivities. Kids were learning how to ski, snowboarding and other fun activities related to snow. It was a fun sport to see everyone having fun on a weekend which is rare to see. Nowadays, people try to stay in and be lazy and don’t appreciate the nature or the surrounding to be around other people…to have social life…I loved it. It made me really happy to see everyone smiling.

8. STITCH. One of the stuffed toys that was being sold at the Disney store located in Time Square Center. I wanted to buy it, but my boyfriend told me nooooooooooooo. I have tons of toys that I never play…just a whole collection of them. I know, I needed to save money and I didn’t need it. It was just a want and it cant wait and its not necessary so I took a picture as a memory.

9. A sake drink from Ippudo 5th Avenue. Two nights, two dinner in a row where my boyfriend wanted ramen from this place. He always ask me what I want and need but never demand or ask for anything so when he wanted to eat at this place again for our second night, I gave in and let him have his ramen. This man deserve to treat himself to another ramen…he always says, “what baby wants, baby gets” That is love.

1. The PIQ store at the Grand Central Terminal. This is a good spot to walk around while you wait for your train to arrive. Lots of little goodies that are worth buying or for entertainment. Check this place out! I had so much fun, checking out their items~!
2. Daytop Village Secondary SCH. One of the buildings that I passed by on the way back to our hotel from the Grand Central Terminal. ‘Twas a cold, cold night especially with my short dress.

3. The well-known Zibetto Espresso Bar. One of my coffee stop while I was in NYC. In that few days that I was there, I have at least stopped by here like 3x and that is a lot considering there are coffee shops every where, in every corner!

4. The pedestrian bridge that connects one street to the Grand Central Terminal

5. Ended the night in NYC with a delicious treat of steaks at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse at Gotham Hotel.

I ordered rib eye steak which was a huge portion…no shame, but I devoured everything, left the bones for the server to clean! I am a steak kind-of-girl and I can eat large portion of food like a man. ‘Twas definitely a good experience. During this dinner, it made me thought that my boyfriend deserved to be treated for being a trooper (for trying to keep this relationship as fun as exciting!) I decided to pay for the dinner and surprised him before leaving the restaurant. That didn’t settle too well for him because he ordered the same thing that I did (although, he couldn’t finish his steak, he had to take it to-go). He felt bad for making me spend so much money on our dinner. It didn’t matter to me. He is a good boyfriend and need to be treated like one. He’s my heart. ❤ #sappymoments I have to show how much I appreciate him once in a while…not to the point that I spoil him!

6. Who can forget about this? The LOVE sculpture. If you’re in NYC, you gotta take a picture with this. It’s a iconic spot for New York. My boyfriend and I walked from J.G. Melon all the way to the Love sign for me…because I wanted a picture with this sculpture. 🙂

7. A picture of a funny book from the PIQ store. Funny quotes from Rick and Morty show.

8. Somewhere on 5th Avenue where the Harry Winston store was located. A picture during our walk back to the hotel.

9. Outside of the Grand Central Terminal. Overlooking the pedestrian bridge and one of the Time Square Building ~!

I can’t tell you how much I love New York City. My option of this city was completely changed after the first few hours of being there. This is a city that, truly, never sleeps. Fun activities to do any time of the day, and any where. I love the fast-paced life. I love the multi-culture vibe that this city offers.

I wish I could have written more things about this place. I wish I could have stayed longer (but not really, I would have been stuck and experiencing the polar vortex! Horrible!). Nevertheless, I am glad to be able to have that chance to explore this city and completely change my opinion. This is one for the memory to tell to my friends, family and future children.

New York, I love you. I will be back sooner than you think!

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