First Rodeo of 2019

Last night I attended Luke Combs’s rodeo concert. The first rodeo concert of the year. All thanks to my beautiful best friend for surprising me with his concert tickets! It was a good treat after working 2 busy days at work. And it was a good excuse to use to have a ‘social life.’

All day yesterday, I was super busy with work. I barely had time to text anyone that’s how busy I was. Normally, even if I’m busy, I am able to text people here and there and stay updated in the social media world. But not yesterday. I was unable to follow through with my bestie on the updates in regards to the concert. I left work around 7:30pm which was not a lot of time left for me to get ready, and drive to the concert when I have to be there at 9pm

I got home, kissed my boyfriend and immediately told him that I did not have enough time left to get ready for the concert. It was a hint for him to don’t bother me or distract me from focusing to get ready which he obliged. I was in and out of the apartment in 20 minutes, all dressed up and looked cute.

My boyfriend offered to drop me off at the concert so I wouldn’t be as hassled to find a parking spot and ride the rodeo bus to the concert. He is such a good boyfriend. Always making sure I am well taken care of. The ride only took 20 minutes. I had plenty of time to roam around the rodeo before the actual concert. However, as I got closer to the drop off, my bestie informed me that I had to download an app so she can transfer the ticket to use at the entrance gate. This was a frustrating process. After several attempts to log in, and sign up over and over again, I didn’t succeed in logging in and, in addition, I was blocked from the app! How in the world!!! I informed my bestie and eventually, she sent me a screen shot of our ticket and begged the staffs for me to use the same code as hers because I was unable to log into the app and received my ticket…AND I AM IN! I made it passed the entrance gate into the carnival. By this time, my excitement had jumped x10.

I saw my friend a far away, wearing a bright fuchsia pink and white boots embedded with sparkly gems! She is such a Texan with those pair of boots. As I got closer to her, I did a big jump and hugged her so tight, I couldn’t control my excitement.

One Ferris wheel, few more to go!

Life is like a ferris wheel. One minute you’re on top, the next you’re at the bottom. Just stay in your seat, enjoy the ride, and hang on until you reach the top again. Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels the dizzy dancing way you feel As every fairy tale comes real I’ve looked at love that way.

Yay! The ticket to see Luke Combs.

As both of us were busy from work. We are famished when we got to the rodeo. We decided to buy a couple of sausages to snack on…only to find out that we can’t bring outside food or drinks from the carnival into the concert area. I was definitely not going to eat all my sausages without enjoying it just for the sake of “no outside food or drink” passed the gate. Nope. So I told my bestie to hide our sausage on a stick under our clothes and sneak it in. She agreed and our little devilish plan commenced.

Like who are going to ask you to take off your jackets to see if you are sneaking in food or drinks underneath your outerwear? No One. That was the reason why I suggested that plan and it actually worked!

After passing the entrance, the struggle came afterwards. I positioned the sausage-on-a-stick, vertically against torso and laterally too. It was stabbing my extra love handle meat. The cause to sneak in a sausage was a painful cause, indeed. My bestie and I had to walk few stories up to our section. Every step was a stab onto my love handles. My bestie and I couldn’t pull out the sausage at this stage because everyone were watching every one and the staff will catch us. It was a big no, no. We woman-ed it up and hold on to the sausages whilst being stab unintentionally until we got to our seats. It was an experience. An experience.

When we got onto our seats, we immediately pull out our sausages and enjoyed it to the fullest while enjoying Luke Comb’s performance! Now, I know how to sneak in more foods without paying so much money at the rodeo. You know how it expensive it get.

The stadium was packed. It was filled with Luke Comb’s fan who really do love him as an artist. Every song that he performed, almost everyone were singing their hearts out with him. What a sight to see. I wouldn’t say that I’m a hardcore fanatic but I love his style and the way he carry out words in every lyrics and tug someone’s heart with him. He is a great artist to watch out for! I love how down to earth and humble he is. I would totally see him again next year, if he comes back to perform in my city.

To be honest, the only thing that I really look forward to this concert was the Hurricane’s performance. It is one of my all-time favorite out of all his songs that he produced. This song tugged some strings inside me. And always, never fail, this song transports me back to the summer of 2015.

Here is a preview of Hurricane:

I remembered vividly how I chanced upon this song while I was cruising in West Palm Beach, FL en route to Juno Beach. I remembered how this song made me feel love and heartbreak at the same time. It was nostalgic. It made me feel like it was perfect song for my situation and emotion at that time. I was feeling a little bit disappointed on how it turned out to be between me and that one man. The one that got away. But now that I think about it, God had other plans for me. Our life, our choices, God have seen all of it and he was the one steering us to make those decisions, steering us to life lessons, life experiences for something greater than we could ever imagine.

So hearing Luke Combs singing Hurricane live, transported me back to the summer of 2015. Flashed back to the whole roller coaster of emotions. I’m glad that one guy got away because, now, I am blessed with a better man. Someone who matches my personal, someone who takes good care of me and loves me with all of his heart. I am truly blessed.

To be honest, I only looked forward to seeing him perform Hurricane as it is one my favorite song of his. Even though, I was really exhausted to attend this concert after a long, busy day at work, his concert was definitely worth it. Worth the time and naps in between rides.

The first rodeo concert for this year was definitely one for the memory. All thanks to my bestie for taking care of her girl~!

More rodeo blogs coming up soon. Stay tuned.


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