Day Trip. Spring is here!

Today was such a fun day.

It is my second day off in a row. I promised my grandma that I was going to take her on a road trip to Austin, TX. To be honest, I was really lazy when I woke up this morning. I could have easily tell my grandma that I was super tired and she would have agreed to stay home and rest, but I couraged myself up to drive for my granma’s experience of the beautiful city that I love.

Before I started my drive, its a must that I get my cup of coffee so I went to my favorite coffee shop near by my apartment. I love their creamericano option. So sweet. So delicious. So addicting and definitely, worth the money. My grandma is not a coffee drinker, but she support my taste and wanted a cup as well.

And so the road trip has begun…

Segue: I chanced upon podcast last year around summer time when I was seeing this guy for several months. Nothing happened between us. He introduced me to podcast. find it weird at first listening to people talking to the audience like you are with them in their studio and striking conversations…or the idea of listening to conversation on the radio where I could blast my music while cruising through the concrete jungle of a city. To find common ground with this particular guy, I started listening to podcast on a daily basis, in hopes, that he would like me more or maybe, ask me to be his girlfriend (you do stupid stuffs for someone eh!) Fast forward now, we didn’t end up together, I got tired of trying to make myself overwork for something that it was terribly hopeless. I stopped. It was exhausting. I left him and started all over again and after few weeks, I met my current boyfriend. Lessonlearned, God will blessed us when the time is right with the right people.

At first, driving out of the city was a hassle especially with the morning traffic in which I didn’t mind at all since I have coffee in hand. Whilst driving, I listened to my podcast station, Stuffs You Should Know. It is a very informative podcast. I love listening to it and learning new things that I can’t even phantom learning about it. This station is filled with random, fun facts that are both interesting and revealing. You should check it out! Maybe you will like it as much as I do.

During the course of the drive, I had so much fun listening to my podcast. Enjoying my grandma’s company plus my pup. Beautiful bluebonnets are out. Indian paintburshes are flocking the country side more than bluebonnets at the moment. It general, it is such a gorgeous day for a road trip. The weather was 73F. Sun is shining. Birds are flying. I am feeling bless. I thank God for blessing me another day filled with love and blessing. I can feel his love through the warmth of the sunshine. I love it.

3-hour had passed and we finally arrived in Austin. It was passed 1pm. We are a bit famished. I decided to drive to Snooze A.M. for brunch. Nothing could go wrong with Snooze! I have my puppy and Snooze just happen to be a pet friendly restaurant. Additionally, the weather was beautiful, it was perfect to stay in the patio while we eat our lunch. I ordered double order of their famous in-house corned beef with scrambled eggs and wheat toast~! So scrumptious.

After our lunch, we start heading to Zilker Park. I love parks and being around nature. There is something fascinating about being surrounded my God’s gift and exchange internal/external energy with it. Zilker Park offer this outdoor experience that anyone would be down into doing such as kayaking, canoeing, walking/running on the trails, fishing, tanning or just relaxing in one of the park’s bench.

Look at how beautiful this view and day was! Just truly a perfect day for a stroll at the park. I took my grandma for a long walk along the river, all the way to the dog off-leash-park, where my pup enjoyed his short term found freedom! I took a bunch of pictures of my grandma and pup with different sceneries and views for her picture album.

I was happy to see my grandma happy. She have done so many things for me and my family when I was growing up. Such a strong woman, one day I’ll aspire to be one. She deserves so much more than just this last minute road trip. But I try, I did my little best to bring her smile and happiness.

I wanted to stay overnight in Austin and explore Lake Travis the following day, but my grandma wanted to go home back to my apartment, which I didn’t mind driving few hours because the sun was still out and it was still a beautiful day for a drive around the countryside. The additional plans in taking her to see the bluebonnets and take several pictures for her album were changed.

On the way back to my casa, we passed by multiple patches of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes. I passed through a hillside with big patches of wild flowers. Grandma took few poses and snap, snap ta-dah! Got my pictures for the day. Her first pictures with the bluebonnets. Success!

While this trip was going, I was constantly sending pictures to my parents in our group chat. They were highly entertained by our mini-trip. My mom was envious and wished that she could have joined us. I shall take her on a road trip on her upcoming birthday.

On the drive back, my grandma was teaching me her secret recipes to her favorite meals and most of my childhood favorites. She was teaching me the steps by steps in cooking each recipes in FOUR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES! Can you imagine having a conversation in several languages in one setting? Well, that was me. I have never experienced so much stress in a conversation until my grandma got into the groove of teaching me how to cook her recipes. My brain cells were all fired up. I was actually amazed that I still remember my native languages. My grandma and I would go back and forth with the recipes until I got it down to the last bits. I love hearing myself talking in different languages too. I forgot how cool it is to be polylingual.

After hearing all of those recipes that I could be cooking at home, I imagined cooking all of them for my boyfriend. Made me really excited and happy at the same time. I can’t wait for him to try them all. He will be my guinea pig!

To be honest, I am one of those modern girls who are not into cooking and staying in the kitchen, but with my future looking all bright with this current boyfriend. I am motivated to be a better girlfriend, who is good at all domestic skills especially cooking! It is my kryptonite. I am ready to change this inexperience culinary skills.

I had fun conversing with my grandma, I didn’t even notice that we made it back home!

This picture was taken at 3/20/19 before my get-together dinner celebration at my casa.

Time to rest tonight. Another mini-trip tomorrow but this time, it is to see my parents at our lake house.

Goodnight. X

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