Be happy. Living with Positivity

Today is another blessed day. It seem like I always start my blog with something along the line of having a “blessed day.” Every day, every time I wake up, I feel blessed by the Lord and I love sharing it here. You might think I’m exaggerating for sharing it here—it is my personal blog, my personal thoughts are penned here. Positive thoughts can go for the long run.

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive

Mark Cameron

This quote has been plastered on my facebook account to remind me to stay positive and live life to the fullest. Never let the “bad” moment take control of my day or life.

It is my belief that if you start your day with positive attitude. It will carry on—for the most part—throughout the day. Positive attitude has the ability to lift up your mood and prepare yourself mentally to whatever you might tackle on a day to day basis.

I prefer to be positive and happy than being frustrated and angry for the things that I can’t control. This works for me. I don’t know what work for most of y’all, but I’m sure y’all have your method of staying happy. Maybe, you can share some to me too!

Ever since I have been less stress with work and relationships (from months ago), I have noticed that I was sick less, sleeping more, appetite have increased, and I was in a better mood—happy. It is said that positive attitudes—such as playfulness, gratitude, awe, love, interest, serenity, and feeling connected with others—have a direct impact on health and wellbeing, but that we can develop them ourselves with practice.

One of the quotes by Van Gogh that was imprinted all over my city.

Few days ago, my boyfriend told me he bought tickets to one of his favorite band’s concert at the House of Blue, the Taking Back Sunday. For few weeks, he couldn’t decide which concerts to attend—between Taking back Sunday or Death Cab for Cutie or The Midnight—finally, he proceeded with Taking Back Sunday. It was a tough decision for him because he loved both of them, equally.

At the night of the event, we decided to turn it into a date night. I would say, its been a while since he have taken me on a date. We pretty much live-in together. We do things together a whole lot of times—cooking, cleaning, watching tv, grocery shopping, among other things. So going out on dates, rarely happen now because everyday with him a date night. When he decided to take me a date, of course, this made me giggle and happy. Even if we are in a relationship and live-in together, I still appreciate to be taken out on dinner and date. To keep the excitement in the relationship.

We grabbed dinner at this cool Japanese BBQ restaurant with a glass of beer. Then, walked less than a mile to the concert hall, 35 minutes early than we have wanted. We opted to go to this dirty bar across from Houst of Blues—boy, this place like a place for bikers where they hang out after a long day of ride. We ordered our beer to enjoy for cheap—cheaper than buying drinks at the concert hall where they charge you pretty high!

Few minutes have passed and the concert started. Another band opened the night for Taking Back Sunday and I forgot their name, but they were pretty good! I jammed to their tunes. I was pumped.

I wish I could penned the video of the opening song for the band. It was pretty cool—paper ruffles falling down on us, every one screaming, jumping and signing along with the main vocalist. It was an experience to re-live again. I took videos and pictures, although, I’m not quiet familiar with them. All of those were for my boyfriend so he can save them to view later on.

Taking Back Sunday!

The whole night was so entertaining. I got to see my boyfriend all happy, smiling, and jamming to one of his favorite high school band.

Almost everyone singing their hearts out; they are the real fan of the night unlike me, I was just enjoying the tune and ‘the moment.’ Later on, the crowd got super rowdy; the front group of the crowd were dancing, crazily and pushing people left and right. I, probably, got jabbed on my sides a few times and made me infuriated. I started guarding myself and pushed people back! It was like Battle Royale—kill each other and be the last one standing. The good and the bad of being in concert—human body heat felt skin to skin; the natural body odor hang strong in the air, Sweat slowly dripping down on the side of face and my lower back. Such an uncomfortable situation to be stuck in.

An hour into the performance—my legs starting to hurt, my feet are throbbing and I was terribly sleepy. My poor overworked body was tired and just the thought of going to work the following day, made me even tired and I wanted to be in bed…

We ended the night 30 minutes earlier than most people because both of us had to go to work the following day and be responsible adults. My boyfriend sang his heart out one last time. He was content. He was happy that I was his date all night and thanked me for being a good sport for being his date and not complaining even though I have never heard of this band before.

The Uber ride back home was a refuge for our sore feet. We smelled like smoke and sweat. It was a rock band concert. What an experience! This was definitely one for the memories. First rock band concert.

Being thankful and expressing your gratitude is an important part of being happy in life. Finding the proper way to thank others for their generosity or even reminding ourselves just how much we have to be thankful for can be rewarding year round.
This time, I really appreciate that my boyfriend does things for me–some simple, small, but heartfelt gestures–that shows how much he really care about me. To tell him how much I appreciate him, I bought him tickets to Death Cab for Cutie as a surprise gift for him.

He has been looking forward to seeing them perform live, but with our trip coming up to Europe again, he has been trying to save up money. Both of us are saving money. I can spare few dollars for him.

He is so deserving for this surprise, little gift for him.

Once I got home from work, I couldn’t contain my excitement. To tell him the surprise gift!

I casually showed him the barcode of the ticket while he was on the phone and he looked up and read the fine prints on top of the barcode and there it goes–his face showed frisson of excitement and he excitedly asked me, “Baby, did you really bought us tickets to see them!?” And I nodded. He jumped with joviality and danced like a fine dancer that he is.

The little surprise was so worth it. To see his happy expression makes me happy too. The saying, “happy wife, happy life” can be applied in a happy marriage where wife is encourage to do more positive things for her husband when she’s happy. But in my case, I think in my case, both parties should do whatever they can, to the best of their abilities, to make each other happy. Relationship is about working together to make things work and this is one of my belief.

On the long run, I want myself to be there at all times for my boyfriend as he is to me.

“Happy boyfriend, happy girlfriend” or vice versa.

Positive thoughts for my relationship.

I’m glad that we’re happy.

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