In recent events…

Moving into an apartment is always a big change for me. From living dependently and in a strict household to living the independent life by myself with no rules! Living the life I envisioned. The sense of freedom. All other possibilities are limitless when you are living alone away from strict parents and curfew. Its so amazing! But nothing comes for cheap and or free to live like this.

The rent is expensive living in the loop—an easy 2k wasted down the drain—and that’s just the flat rate for my apartment. It does not include other bills that I have to pay to live this kind of lifestyle. Being a young adult comes with a bunch of perks and cons.

It is hard living alone and expensively—I love it. I would never trade it for anything else. The freedom that it brings me is so liberating.

Until recently, there has been a lot of break-ins in my apartment complex and made me have a second thought of living there longer. A lot of residents sought out help from the leasing office staffs and even sent messages to the corporation, but at last, our cries and concerns weren’t heard. Ignored to say the least. Our safety was put at risk for the reason to “save money” for the company.

The apartment that I have now is really quaint and I love how homely, the vibe that it brings out every time I come home. Hitherto, the amount of break-ins and robbery have exponentially increased these last two months. No security has been added to protect its residents, no patrols—nothing. It has been break-ins after break-ins and I’m done. I have thrown in my towel. I gave up trying to reason with the company and the leasing office about how to improve the patrol in our complex and to implement better security.

So today, I looked into two apartment complex and it is safe to say that I have found a place to call home.

This new found home is even more expensive…I would have to sell my soul and body kind-of-place for my decent salary to even afford this place. However, one glance to this place and I fell in love. Deep. Hard. I love the open layout of the apartment, the resort style pool and courtyard, the amneties and the extra lounges where I could bring my friends and have fun—enjoy the good old times.

Common sense why I’m not sure if it’s worth spending extra 1,000 to live in this brand new apartment with all the perks I could get. If I had to think about this real hard, at the end of my one-year lease I would spend over 18K per year on my apartment. I could save that 18k for my future house down-payment. But the young adult in me says it’s worth the money.

I don’t know if you consider this expensive (depending where you live) but this is so costly. That is only the flat rate of my apartment. It doesn’t include all other bills I have to pay monthly.

The impulsive side of me want this place. The rational side of me says wait and be patient and keep digging for other living options.

As much as I want to move out of my apartment, I need to think about this more and decide. As much as I don’t feel safe in my own apartment, I have to wait. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Sigh, being an adult is kind of hard.

The view in one of the unit that I have looked into at this new apartment complex. It has the full view of downtown and our resort-style courtyard!

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