Taxes. I’m doomed!

Filing for taxes is a pain in the butt for me. I have been filing my taxes in three-consecutive years. Each year, its another obstacle that I have to surpass to send my taxes, correctly. I am scared that one day IRS will get my butt for tax evasion.

I know I need this done, months ago, but I kept putting it off. I keep telling myself, “I got time. It will be done like last year.” Like last year? I did my tax return on the day off last submission. Guess who’s doing it again this year? This girl.

I procrastinate to do things that are really important. I think, being an adult—I still couldn’t grasp myself around it. In my own little bubble, I think that every thing will go well if it mean to be. To be honest, I could have done this months ago, but nooooooo I put in on hold. Let me tell you all my excuses: the trip to Europe made me really busy and after I came back, I was still in my la-la-land, work stress got into me, and the one excuses to blame it all is my laziness.

I never learn any lesson. I never, ever learn any lesson.

Every year, I find filing my taxes taxing and troublesome. I doubt myself whenever I fill it using turbotax, yet I am unwilling to pay extra hundreds of dollar using a CPA or other business that deal with tax returns. I’m just a stupid, cheap person.

I have a friend who’s a CPA but I don’t want him to see all my debts and income that even myself I am ashamed to see. It’s the millennial in me. Come on, lets be honest here—most of us spend more than what we can afford, we eat out at least 3-4 times a day, and we have this saying, “shop till we drop dead broke,” right? Well all of those sounds like me. Although, I am not much of shopper—never into make up, the latest fashion trends—but when I shop for clothes, I can spend hundreds of dollars at a time with no sense of consequences. I am into fine-dining and all about experiencing the socialite status which my meager salary could afford.

All of these thoughts circling in my head like vultures preying on its next food. I am doomed.

Typing all of these thoughts will not lessen my worries regarding this year’s tax return.

I am doomed. I put myself in this predicament which I can only blame myself.

I should have done my taxes months ago.

I have no one to blame but me.

This need to be done, or else, I’ll be paying the IRS more fees for being late.

Being an adult, for the most part, sucks

God have mercy on my little soul.

Pray for me! Because, hell I need it.

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