To travel is to live

I’ve been thinking about my future lately.

Last summer, I declared my 26th year as a year of travel. I followed through it and I made it happen. Not only, I travelled domestically—Kansas City and NYC—but also internationally—Paris, London and Sevilla. I cherished the memories that I have gained from all those cities!

Traveling bring me some type of freedom that is so liberating to me. It frees my soul from the busy-ness that work and daily grind brings—physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Each travel it energizes me in a way that I see a new outlook in life. More positively and always looking at the bright-side of every thing.

The next travel plans that I have had booked is the trip to Helsinki-Amsterdam-London next month with a total of 11 days of vacation/travel. I saved enough money to liberate myself with the idea of “vacation” in mind without budgeting too much on my spending. I want to be able to enjoy the food, the experience, the memories without breaking my bank too. Which is kind of hard when you are trying to be an adult with tons of bills to pay, monthly.

Next month, my finance will be tight due to school tuition fees, out-of-the-country trip and funding my new apartment lease. It will be a busy month, but its all worth it. I developed another motto in life: Be extra broke, but extra rich in memories!

I believe that we are all entitled to some form of happiness, mine happen to be traveling. Family and friends are there for you, all the time, but the chances you get to travel when you have that split moment of chance is limited. I say that to myself too often.

I envy those people who can travel as much they want with unlimited amount of money to spend and the freedom to do so, but most of the population work for their money, work their schedule around to be able to take vacation days, and a lot of people don’t even have the chance to travel—for hundreds of reason.

God has blessed me the ability, freedom, and money to travel once in a while. I may complain that I barely have money to spend, but I have more money than most people out there. I should learn how to be content.

I am blessed enough to have the chance to travel without getting hurt, kidnapped or be in a dire situation while traveling where my life hang on a thread.

He is always watching over me and I am very thankful. God is good.

I have friends whom are married with children now. I know most of them, never travelled for fun due to responsibilities that hold them off—keeping them busy with work, family and responsibility. However, once they were married and with children, all of them told me this phrase (it’s a generalized summary from all their statement):

Travel now. Enjoy being single without children. Once you are married, it gets harder to travel because you have to make sure your partner is free and have the right amount of money for vacation to spare. And then when you have kids, you have to balance your money more and time and plan for everything. I’m not saying having kids and family makes it impossible for you to travel, but it does get harder the bigger your family gets.

They are my dear friends whom I have known for years since I have moved to the U.S. so when they give me advice like travel and relationship matters, I take them into deep considerations. They meant well for me as they are like older brothers and sisters to me.

I remember few years back as I was a new graduate with little income, I imagined myself to be traveling as soon as I have my days off between schedule if I saved enough money. However, that hope and dreamed withered to dust when reality hit—bills started pilling up, responsibilities increased and it dawned on me that I don’t have much freedom as I thought I did.

I have imagined myself to be well-traveled by now, but compared to most of my peers around my age—I am a beginner—who is slowly spreading its wings from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan—when it comes to traveling.

The first and last trip I have taken by myself that made me realize how scary and liberating it is to be traveling alone, was the trip to Cabo. It was my first trip outside of the U.S. for some time and I was going through a rough patch my ex-boyfriend at the moment. I did not know what to do with my new found freedom and single-ness and then suddenly, I made an urgent decision to travel and just do it.

I looked over so many destinations at that time, every thing was super expensive—domestic flights, and eventually, luckily, I chanced upon Cabo. I have never heard of this place until that time. I spoke to my friends of my sudden trip the following day and they were all like, “Are you going to get lit? It’s a party town. What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo.” I did not know what they meant until I got to Cabo…then a couple of days later—I saw how it is in Cabo every day. Every body were getting high, partying, getting drunk and what not. It was a mini-Vegas for me.

What I’ve learned in Cabo was this: Do things spontaneously for when things happen by accidents, whether its fun or not, is more rewarding and it tells you a story of things that makes you appreciate what you have now, work what can be change and in your control, and always be content.

Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into storyteller

Ibn Battuta

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

Ever since this Cabo trip, I tell my stories to my friends, colleguages and family about it over and over again. I even encouraged them to do it too. I tell them how it was so, so much fun to travel solo; meet people along the way, experience new things in life, learn new culture and new languages. I survived my first international trip by myself without doing my research, without booking my hotel and transportation and went with pure spontaneity.

I was lucky I survived without getting myself into trouble or hurt.

God was truly watching over me.

So what I’m feeling today is nostalgia.

The feeling I felt when I was backpacking solo; the feeling of anxiety catching up to me trying to figure out where to sleep, eat and or the fear being kidnapped, drugged while I am out by myself stayed with me during my whole travel. There was never a day that passed by during my trip where I didn’t feel like my life was not in danger. Those were natural thoughts and feeling specially when you’re traveling alone and being a female too.

For now, at this moment in time and life, I am cherishing my excitement for my next travels may it be solo, with my boyfriend or with my family.

I can’t wait to leave the state for my upcoming trip to Europe. To make new memories. To take tons of pictures. To find fun things in my vacation and to be able to share my stories for my friends, family and future colleagues about my time over there.

This heart of mine was made to travel this world.

I’ve been thinking of my future lately, more specifically my travel plans.

I can’t wait what my future hold for me in this domain. I look forward to it.

I can tell that my year of 27 will be another year full of travels. And I will follow through this plan again as I did last year for my birthday.

I know many of y’all are well-traveled and I am blessed to have so many old and new international friends. If you have any suggestion(s) of things to do in Helsinki, Amsterdam, and London please message me. I would love to hear your stories and look into your recommendations.

I am an avid listener so you’ll have my full attention and ears!

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Have a blessed day!


5 thoughts on “To travel is to live

      1. Welcome.

        It is the same day when I will post my first part of my “Unknown Helsinki 1”. Depending the length of Your stay, You could visit some nearby town.

        Finland and Helsinki offer in summer very much to see and experience. One of our highlights in summer on June 6, 2019 is Samba Carnival. So, You cannot participate in it. Sorry. If You have time, then You could visit nearby town Porvoo. One hour by bus from Helsinki. Its old town is awesome. Our coastal is “full” of these medieval style old towns.

        Our Arctic Circle is worth for a visit. Best time is in winter. Sorry.

        I give link to “wintry” Porvoo and the Arctic Circle, that You can imagine these.

        Reindeer rides and Santa

        Charming wintry Porvoo

        Last year’s Samba Carnival:

        Samba dancers

        If You follow my posts, then You will get information in May about my Unknown Helsinki 1 on the day You will arrive

        Happy and safe travels.

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        1. I’ll be staying in Hellsinki for 5 days straight. Thank you so much for the links and recommendations. I, also, look forward to your post on May 21st 🤗


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