What I think of Lake Travis

I feel blessed, re-energized after this weekend’s trip in Austin.

Ever since I came back from my Europe trip earlier this month—I felt low and unmotivated to go back to work. Or do anything productive. Or just the whole idea of adult-ing. Once you get used to the vacation feeling, it is extra hard to go back to grinding.

I looked forward to starting my Master’s program as I’ve written before, but things turned out for the best, I supposed. God has other plans for me. God’s ways are not our ways.

This weekend was truly a breath of fresh air. To be able to go to another road trip away from my city; away from work, away from the feeling of ‘being stuck’, and to fully emerged myself with hanging out with my boyfriend and his family. Also, to celebrate a late Father’s Day celebration with his step-dad.

I think I was really meant to travel and be free-hearted spirit whom is not stuck in one spot for a long time. A nomad’s life. But God’s ways are not my ways.

This past weekend, my boyfriend’s older sister rented a whole house which is beautifully seated right on one of those Austin’s cove islands, situated in close approximate to Lake Travis. There were a total of 10 adults and one baby (my bf’s older sister’s first born.) The house has 4 bedrooms, one-half bathroom and one massive full bathroom!

The whole house was a gorgeous house in my opinion.

I wish I could download the video and attached it to this post, however, I’m a newbie and I am not sure my ways around this website yet. I wish I could show you just how beautiful our rented house and it’s massive backyard.

Everybody pitched in contributions to the first night’s dinner. My boyfriend and I went to H-E-B to buy groceries—fruits, vegetables, snacks, drinks, beer and wines. And one of his older sisters brought in a big case of meat to grill that night, and the other sister brought in more snacks. All of these food and snacks for a 2.5 days of stay—just for the weekend. It was so much.

We all had our fill on our first night.

Grilled chicke, steaks, and grilled vegetables in the menu

After dinner, everybody gathered in the main dining table to play domino whilst I was in the couch motivated to finish my book (which I have started the day prior to this trip) titled Tom Clancy Enemy Contact by Mike Maden. If you haven’t read this book before, I urge you to give this book a try and you will not be disappointed. It is well-written, fiction and thriller book that will keep you wondering “what’s next?” I enjoyed my time reading each pages. Flipping each pages and feeling that smooth paper in each turn. That most of us missed on quiet often since most people choose to buy e-versions of books.

After I read my book, I joined the rest of the party and chatted with everybody and I participated in the game too.

Then suddenly, the whole table turned competitively in outsmarting one another in finishing up with no blocks in their hands. The whole family was so competitive especially my bf’s older sister, the one who rented the house; she basically won 3 games out of 4…tell me about being competitive. I was not trying—it was more fun for the sake of fun really, at least for me.

What’s a good family night without competition, right?

The first night ended so well and everybody went to bed before midnight to get ready for the following day shenanigans.

The second day of our trip was something that’s another thing of new experience, fun and worth jotting down in my memory log.

We all had breakfast as a family and a few of us got ready for boating/fishing! Five of us headed out to the dock and picked up our rented pontoon boat—we booked it for 4 hours. All of us got the safety instructions and demonstrations from one of the employees of the marina before finally heading out to the main part of Lake Travis. Bon voyage!

The idea of fishing and throwing a cast over and over again, the feeling of anticipation of catching a fish or two–is something that I love to do once in a while during summer vacation.

Two people out of five were able to catch one fish—largemouth bass. I, on the otherhand, was unable to catch a fish—even after how hard I casted my cast, and how patient I was and how quiet I was when I was fishing. I suppose it was not my lucky day of fishing.

Ended the day with a few jumps off the boat, swimming and snacking with the whole fam bam. Watched the party cove coming more alive and crazier filled with booze and almost naked men and women.

A Saturday at the lake—was a day to witness and experience. I was glad I was able to enjoy a beautiful day; able to enjoy the companion of other people and able to fully emerge myself to the beauty bestowed upon us.

At the end of our fishing/boating expedition on Lake Travis, I slowly observed how many party boats were slowly gathering at the party cove.

The gatherings at the lake was another thing for tourists/visitors to see—and I am one of those tourists—it is a sight to see how many men and women gathered in one spot to mingle with each other; have fun with each other, get drunk, get wasted, and lustfuly enjoy each other’s body for a Saturday morning.

In my single days, I know I am one of those ‘party’ people. But to this day, I am glad that I am done with that season of my life (until this certain person made it completely permanent, ha! One can only wish for) I believe that there are far better things to do. Far more productive things to do that can eventually give my life more meaningful purpose than simple alcohol and passing, bloody satisfaction of my human body. (Even though, I don’t do casual flings—but, kind of the same idea—of temporary satisfaction that us, millennials, are no strangers to)

I’ll end this segue—being single is fun and exhilirating—being able to let your carefree version to be unleashed onto the world without limitations or something along that line. However, in reality, being in a relationship–well for me—is more fun and fullfilling because I know that this relationship is stable and there is a sense of future. It is comforting that I know that I have a ‘future‘ which most of us are actually anxious about like it or not. I don’t have to pretend to be someone that I’m not, I don’t have to pretend to like or dislike something just to be liked by my boyfriend or his family because they know me as I am. No hidden agenda or pretentiousness. Loving someone and being in love together is heart-warming and satisfying. I like my not-single days because I have him aka my boyfriend—who cherishes me x infinity.

If you are single and wants a spot to hang and party, I recommend checking out the Devil’s cove aka the party cove as I mentioned above. You will not regret it~!

Also during this trip, the one thing that make me want to have so bad in the future is children. I got to play with the little baby this weekend and it was such a nice feeling to be with a person with so much innocence. All smiles. Giggles and lots of running and chasing with him. It is rare to see in this corrupt world with so many deception, lies, betrayal, and death.

Kids are easier to hangout with and play with because they are innocent and does not know how cruel the world yet so their happiness is easy to see and deliver.

In the future, I want my own children and also adopt. I believe God has given me enough blessings and happiness in this life—he want me to share it with other children whom are not as blessed as I am.

At 26 years of age, I am somewhat close to the future that I envisioned myself. I just wish it will come to fruition as soon as possible.

But, like always, God’s ways are not my ways. He will make it happen in His time.

Sometimes, we get preoccupied with our work and our daily mundane lifestyle that we forget to cherish the moment—the present time. We get tired of dealing with our repetitive tasks and we start having ‘cabin fever’ as I termed it. You start feeling ‘stuck’–able to leave but unable to do it. Why is that? I think all of us get comfortable with the things and people that we have at the moment and we perceived it as contentment. Then we begin to see this as our ‘happiness’ but it’s not. It a lie that we put on ourselves to make us feel better about our borehole of a life.

A little mini trip or vacation outside your main residence can be refreshing. Can be energizing. Revitalizing your inner soul. Spice up your life. I am an avid promoter of traveling to my friends and co-workers. I always urge everybody that I know to travel and be cultured and learn new things from different people, different cities, and different culture. There are far better things out there, that most of us limit ourselves to exploring. Don’t stop. Just do it.

This weekend was a trip that I really needed to reconnect with myself again with the simple-ness of doing nothing. Just to hangout with my boyfriend and his family.

Coming back from this trip, I feel motivated again.

All I–or all of us–need was a road trip. A mini-vacation from our busy lifestyle.

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