Moving on and I’m feeling lucky

Today, I have finalized my move out of my apartment. It has been a process these past few days, and I’m glad to be done with it. Thank, God.

I am glad that I have not accumulated so many things during my one year of stay in that apartment, if I did—it would have taken me so much longer in packing my things and slowly transferring them to the storage facility. But because, I have been staying more at my boyfriend’s place and been traveling more this past year—I am glad I only have few big furnitures that needed truck for transferring them.

I am thankful for my friend, Irving, for being a trooper and assisted me in packing and towing my things to the storage facility. He made time just for me and helped me a lot. He sacrificed yesterday and today too to help me with my move. We both struggled with carrying my things in the middle of summer—in Texas—if you have not visited Texas during summer you don’t know how humid and hot it gets—and yesterday, was one of those days where the humidity was close to 80% with the temperature at 99F.

Sweating, dehydration, and sunburn were among the things that we ended up experiencing—worth it though. We were able to move 80% of my belongings.

Today, my boyfriend helped Irving in the heavy lifting of my couch and my table. I watched and carried the smaller things, but boy, oh boy, it was really humid. I sweated my butt of in that mere 35 minutes. I was wearing a laced, yellow bodycon dress. The Texas weather has no shame in making everybody sweat till they’re drop dead from dehydration or from heat stroke. Ha. (Jokes aside, I still love my homestate. Texas is home, no lies.)

I am always thankful that God blessed me enough with friends whom I can count on in times like today. I can count my close friends to less less than my upper phalanges but they are the kind of friends that stick with me through the good, the bad, through thick and thin. My friends are my kind of friends. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father for blessing me with them.

Before packing the last of my things to the storage room—I posted an ad for my bedroom set and my couch. I wanted to get rid of my big furnitures so less stuffs to be stored and easier to pick up things if I need to cancel my membership. A few minutes after posting my ad on facebook market last night—I received several messages and offers, but one of them sticks out the most. We exchanged messages and noticed that she was serious about purchasing my bedroom set. We set the meeting and pick up time today. She came to pick up the set with her husband and two little kids! I sold my bedroom set.

Thankful and blessed that someone bought my bedroom set and I made money out of it. It helped me a whole lot. Less furnitures to pack and to transfer. Additionally, while I was helping her husband pick up the box spring—she saw my couch and she saw my ad that I posted for it as well and she was very interested. She wanted to purchase my couch; however, she does not get paid until this coming Wednesday. She will message me again in a couple days and she will come to pick it up this Wednesday! Wohoo. My heart is so grateful for this.

Most of my things are packed in my rented storage room, but I want to sell more of my things so I will continue to update my ads to garner more potential buyers for my coffee table, a nightstand and a beautiful splash of gold and color painting.

I think I have a knack for selling furnitures and things with over 100% revenue. My boyfriend told me so. He works for a financial institution and he used to be a trader. He compliments me on how good I am at selling things online and being able to make a revenue out of it. If I had more free time after my school starts, I might start doing this buying and selling as a side hustle to also support myself while in school.

I wish myself a good luck on selling these last furnitures. Gotta keep my luck rolling~!

God’s ways are not my ways. I have said to myself over and over these past few years. No matter how I plan for things—maybe it be come to fruition or disappointment—I’ve learned that He makes everything possible in His time.

At this current season of my life, I am not religious or believe in superstitions. I believe that there is a higher being out there, i.e., Jesus, Buddha, Allah, “All Glorious”, etc, among other names of god from different religions. God comes in different forms for me, all I know that I believe in some sort of a higher being that rule over my life. I see Jesus as my “god” but I don’t believe in the whole notion of Christianity (that’s just my opinion.)

I grew up Catholic, then Christian and now, I am just a lost soul looking for something to believe in again. I say that I believe in my God, yet my belief lend towards Christianity. I quote bible verses. I copy them and make sense something out of them. However, deep down in my heart—I am not fully a Christian with a heart filled with God’s words and teaching. I practice some of His beliefs in my daily life, but I am not a full Christian.

Talk to me about the Christian’s god, Jesus, and bible verses on the spot, I wouldn’t be able to agree or disagree to you because I care less about it or your opinion about my point of view. I am so nonchalant about it. I believe in a notion that everybody has a free will to choose their religion and form of god and other people can’t judge you based on your chosen belief or religion.

I hate when people judge or lecture you because you chose to believe in the beliefs that you have chosen and they put it against your morale or character—I hate those kind of people. It irks me so much. If you are one of those people, please move on and let other people be themselves.

This current season of my life, I chose to be carefree; believe in my own version of “god” and live a blessed and thankful heart. My god is oh so so good. You don’t have to conform to certain god or religion because of society’s pressure. You are free. I am free to chose my “god.”

Letting my lease end and starting all over again this month—with living situation, school, and finding new friendships—I am glad that I have my god to watch over my life.

I can’t wait what He has in store for me.

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